I Can Feel It…

I can feel it…
I can feel it….
Like an itch in the center of my mind.
A need. A hunger. A driving desire.
Unfocused fear and anger coalescing into
An unthinking force of nature.

Every day it creeps into thought,
An unheard whisper to my soul.
An unspoken request in my mind.
An incandescent desire,
Burning its way through my will.

Silently it sits there
Within the reach of my broken hands,
As if mocking my self-will and determination.
Knowing all it has to do
Is wait for the petulant crawl of time to pass.

Like a broken steel fang,
It hungers for my flesh and blood.
Impatient with desire,
It seem to call out to me at every turn of my head.
It begs to taste me, test me, try me.

I can feel it…


~ by daveprime on August 17, 2014.

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