Dream snippet

“Where am I?”

“Your own world, from a slightly different perspective”

I looked around me at the dancing clouds above…

“It *is* the same.  Like most things, if you look at it from a little to the left, or a little to the right, it appears odd, changed, new.  You come from a world of machinery. Everything is ruled by physics and mathematics and laws of nature.  Here, we live in a world of magic.  Everything is acted upon ba a different, yet just as arbitrarily strict, set of rules.  In between the two, there are varying degrees of either magic, or machinery, or both.  Some where both exist, some where neither does.  Just as you are familiar with the things made with gears and pulleys and spark, the people here are used to, shall we say, a little more fantastical workings to things.”

“I am stuck in a fantasy game!” I exclaimed quietly…
“Aren’t we all?” the wizard said softly.

My eyes wandered off to follow the steps of the youngest one of our party, as he stood by a large puddle in the road and watched reflections of ourselves and nearby wildlife climb into the skies on bubbles and ripples.

“But how do I know what is *real*?” I asked the wizard quietly.

“It all is.” He explained in a kind voice, “But not all of it can physically affect you.”  He grinned as we watched the young one trying to stick his hand into the puddle image, only to cause more ripples which moved the reflections higher and farther away.

“Why are we here?” I said, turning to face the white bearded conjurer.

“We need a mind of wheels and gadgets.” He said simply.

“Our Enemy has grown strong using magic, but it is hoped he has not gained mastery over the wheel and flame so far.  We need someone that knows these things intimately in order to try and succeed where so many have failed.”

“Succeed at what?” I asked, point-blank.

“At unbinding the laws of our realm, and freeing the souls of those trapped within it.” The old man answered with a gleam of fire in his eye.


~ by daveprime on November 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Dream snippet”

  1. Sounds like an intriguing start to a good novel!

  2. I like it, love!

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