And So, It Comes To This….

Below, you will find a letter others can personalize and use to reach out to the press, polititians, and whomever they think will be able to help those of us in pain.  My journey nears its end, one way or the other.  Like many people battling Severe Intractable Pain, it has just about taken all that is “me”, and left nothing but a hollow shell behind.

I cannot eat. I cannot sleep. I… cannot.
That’s hard for me to say. “I Can Not.”  End of story.

I have always been a fighter.  Fought the odds all the way down the line.  Until now.  The Pain has won.  No matter what I throw at it, without the proper tools and medicines to hold it at bay, it just laughs and keeps coming. And coming. And coming. And…. coming….

It is what it is.  This is the hand I was dealt and I shall play it to the last, terrible, card.  My only wish is that so many other fine souls have been given the same crappy hand.  The same lack of compassion. The same Death Sentence.

Letter follows:


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear                                                 ,

Something terrible is happening to the intractable pain patients in our state.  HUNDREDS of patients have and are being “culled, released”, in other words DROPPED from any real kind of pain treatment.  Pain Doctors are looking for *any* reason to do so.  People, some of whom could be productive members of society, are left alone in their agony, unable to work, participate, *LIVE*.  Until they, like myself, consider or carry out their own suicide merely to make the pain STOP!

Why would these supposedly “kind and caring” professionals do such a thing?  They are afraid. Afraid of an almost hidden war the Federal Government is waging on pain doctors, the medicines they use, and through them, the patients they treat.  In their laudable effort to stem prescription drug abuse, the DEA has instead been shutting down, or threatening to shut down any doctor willing to treat pain patients appropriately.  They know that should anything go wrong in their patient’s case, even if it is not the doctor’s fault, that they face at the least, the loss of employment, and at worst, time in prison.

As a result, patients in horrible pain, like myself, are left alone in the dark with only our pain.  Having long term, intractable pain is a hard fight even WITH the proper tools, medicines, and treatment. Without them, it is life-stealing. Literally.  Eventually nothing matters but making the pain stop; not loved ones, not moral coding, nothing but making the soul-eating agony end.  And such it is in my own case.

Please help us!  In ANY way you can!  Get the word out about what is happening to the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, and children in our communities!!  Every human life has worth.  Every human being deserves compassionate pain treatment. EVERY. HUMAN. BEING.

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US!!  Before the inevitable claws of darkness takes any more lives.


David B. Willoughby
340 Orchard Lane
Billings, MT    59101


Take it, copy it, personalize it, use cut and paste, WHATEVER!  Just please, don’t do NOTHING.

We deserve better.


~ by daveprime on December 19, 2012.

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