Pain, Pain, All Is Ashes and Pain

 Pain, Pain, All is Ashes and Pain…

The throbbing beat of my heart
Is drowned out by the screaming of the Pain,
Leaving me with no tears
Left to cry.

Yet cry I do…
No strength left,
To even sob.

My soul strains relentlessly
Against this fleshly shackle,
Trying to free itself
Once and for always.

I watch quietly from the sidelines,
As that poor whimpering thing,
I once called “Home”,
Slowly dies little by little.

I’ve stopped feeding it.
Tending it.
Caring for it.
Caring about it.

I wait only for that moment,
When I can break free and
Fully escape
This living hell I am trapped in…

I can almost see the pain,
That malevolent,
Evil thing…
Moving in the air about me.

It reaches for me with its bloody claws,
But cannot touch me any longer…
All it can do is tear some more
At that mewling thing that I used to inhabit.
And howl impotently when I fail to respond….

So tenuous..
So thin…
.So frail…
Is that silver thread that keeps me here.

I reach out and strum it once in a while..
Getting a feel for how strong it still is…
How much longer it can hold out...
Before finally breaking and setting me…


I weighed 316 on Friday.
I bet I am under 310 now.
Amazing how the pounds melt away,
When one fails to replace them with anything…

So the race is on…
How long with this faithless heart beat,
Without fuel,
Without care,
Without the basic support of its owner?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…..


~ by daveprime on December 16, 2012.

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