A Recurring Dream….

Been having this dream, or a variation of it a lot lately…

A Walk Through The Darkness Of Chronic Pain And Depression...

When I close my eyes

I find myself standing on a grassy plain.
The hip deep blades of green
sway lightly in a dusty hot breeze.


I am well.
And standing in silver plate armor,
A four foot steel blade in my right hand.

Below me, the plain opens up and leads
Eventually to a river, surrounded by
Small clumps of low-lying trees.
Birds wheel in the argent pre-dawn sky.
Behind me I hear them coming.
As always.

I turn to face the coming terror,
And am shocked by the sheer devastation now before me.
Bare, cracked earth rises to a
Dead and Burning peak jutting into
The silver-streaked air.

Coming towards me at a loping run are The Horde.
A mass of hatred and vile desire incarnate.
And I, alone, stand between their ravening hate
And the land and all I love behind…

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~ by daveprime on November 26, 2012.

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