**FLASH REQUEST** My Letter To God 23oct12

November 14, 2012
I thought I would give everyone something to read while I finish all of the various oodles of paperwork I have to have completed…

THis is a letter I wrote to God near the end of August, this year.



To: Regimental Command West
Lord’s Army
Commanding Officer

From: Mission Specialist
Lieutenant Jg
Fire Base Whiskey (5.5)

Dear Sir(s):

First, I formally request immediate back-up or evac!! We have wounded that require IMMEDIATE medical intervention!!

As per my orders, I have held this position for almost five years longer than I expected to serve. I have been wounded several times and have watched my personnel come under fire time and again. I currently am in charge of three privates; one whom is injured and requires your immediate attention , one who is injured yet still stands watch with his fellow soldiers, and one that has never even finished Basic Training yet still serves in whatever capacity required!. I personally still bear the scars and wounds received from service here over a decade ago that have never fully healed and which affects my ability to serve or lead effectively to this very day. All my previous requests for replacement were refused and I have faithfully stood “…fast until re-enforced or recalled,” as per your previous directives.

Failing that, I insist that RegCom deliver on its promises to supply the needs of this Forward Fire Base. We have re-used, re-purposed, and restored any and all available resources, and are unable to successfully continue the mission at hand without IMMEDIATE re-enforcement and re-supply. Without the proper supplies, I fear my command and the persons in it face the eminent defeat of their mission and the loss of the entire Forward Area to the enemy’s actions. This would be tragic considering the amount and quality of their training, dedication, and the importance of our mission.

Finally, on a personal note, I officially request that RegCom issue some form of clear communique so that I can know how to proceed. I cannot effectively lead my personnel OR complete my mission objectives if I am not informed what those SPECIFIC objectives are. As you well know (from both my own status reports and independent observers in the field) that we are hard-pressed on every side. The enemy is relentless and we have sustained significant damage that puts our ability to complete our mission in DIRE jeopardy! I DO NOT exaggerate when I say we face being over-run on a nightly basis!! Unless assistance arrives soon, We WILL be forced to pull completely out of the Forward Area and seek guidance, IN PERSON, at Regimental H.Q.!!!

I make these requests in accordance with the standing Command Directives which were handed down some time ago by both Yourself and Your duly authorized officers.

Always Faithful,
D. B. W. Lt Jg
Acting Commandant
Fire base Whiskey (5.5)


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