A Letter To The Chairman Of the Board:

Below you will find a copy of the letter I intend to have delivered to the chairmen of the boards of both local hospitals.  Think I’m not serious?

Try me.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is David Willoughby, and I suffer from intense, soul-killing, intractable pain.  I live every second of my life feeling like someone has run a glowing hot iron bar through my body.  Every. Single. Second.

Why am I telling you this?  Because over the last few months, I have become one of the victims of the DEA’s  War on Pain Doctors, the Medicines they use, and through them, the patients they treat.  Hundreds of people in our community have been cut off from all medical care for their pain, dismissed for the flimsiest of reasons,  (Oddly enough, if you check into it, you will find *most* of them seem to be Medicaid or Medicare patients.)

The mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, face a truly “living hell“. Nights filled with screams that no one seems to hear. Every second a living hell. Every. Hour-long. Second. Finally, out of sheer desperation, they kill ot maim themselves to try and put an end to the pain.  They watch the look in their loved ones’ eyes as their bodies slowly fall apart, which is perhaps even worse than the agony they endure.

Oh, they don’t all blow their brains out. Or hang themselves. Nothing so fancy or direct.  They love their families and want them to get any life insurance they might possibly still have. So they “fall asleep at the wheel”, or “have a bad drug interaction”, or any one of a hundred hidden ways to kill themselves and try to make up for some small part of the hell their family has had to suffer through.

The saddest part of all this? They die knowing fully well the DEA will merely use their death to pad their statistics and say that it was “drug abuse” related.

Living with chronic, intractable pain is a nightmare *with* the proper tools and medications. With personalized, caring doctors.  On a good day, these people, these fellow human beings, feel *almost* human! Almost.  But they count every hour until the next little bit of blessed release.  Or the next doctor’s visit.  The next chance of *any* kind to lessen their torture.

I know.  I am one of them.

For the last three months I have been without any real pain relief.  I have been to the Emergency Room numerous times, only to be given the barest amount of painkillers, then sent on my way. When asked what I am supposed to do when those wear off, they have no answers.  I have undergone a grueling schedule of tests, scans, and examinations, only to be told that once again they cannot find a mechanism for my pain.

I cannot seem to make them hear me.  I cannot live like this.  I will not.

People who treat their animals like this go to JAIL.

Tomorrow I plan to make a statement. Do something So risky, so insane, because, frankly, I simply have no other choice.  No other path than ending my life.

The DEA’s war on Pain Doctors and pharmacies has REAL victims. Like any war, they are predominately made up of the innocent, the loving, the kind.  The very people our society SHOULD be seeking to help and retain the most are being lost through this horrendous policy and the fear it has instilled in pain doctors and pharmacies across the country.  There are many places where an honest patient, one with real and verified pain issues, cannot fill a LEGAL prescription for ANY amount of money.

This must stop.

I have prepared copies of my history and all of the letters, calls, and filled out and signed medical record releases so that you can all verify what I am saying is true.

I have told every doctor, nurse, and even receptionist how bad my pain is and how close I am to losing control and killing myself. They do nothing. Perhaps they cannot believe that in this country a fellow citizen could actually be treated this way. I didn’t either. Until I got hurt.

Last year, I was ready, after ten years, to become a productive part of society again. To enter the work force again.  Then I got sick.  Even though Ihave proven time and again that I have either mitigated or overcome any possible complication, it doesn’t matter. They just don’t care.  *ANY* possible risk is simply too much in today environment.  These doctors and pharmacies have learned what the DEA does to *ANY* doctor that actually cares enough to *TREAT* someone in pain.  What he DEA does to their patients. Their families.  It is unconscionable!

So. Here were are.

Tomorrow, the 16th of November, I plan on doing something I dread.  Something that frankly scares the living hell out of me.  I plan on *forcing* these doctors and hospitals to SEE me. To treat me as a HUMAN BEING.  And there is the very real risk that it will kill me.  But I have no choice.  I cannot endure those screams of the broken I now hear in the night.  I cannot endure the sound when they suddenly stop,. And I cannot stand that my voice is now among them.

I do not plan on harming another human being. Anyone who has experienced this kind of bone-crushing agony could NEVER harm another living soul.  We wouldn’t wish such pain on or very worst enemy!  But I DO plan on making a statement so memorable, that they will not be able to ignore me, or any other patient with this kind of pain, any longer.

I have prepared well for it.  I have contacted several people with ties to the national media.  There are several Pain advocacy groups watching my case closely, ready to proclaim either the outstanding care I finally receive, or the lack of it, should that be the case. I have opened my Blog and FaceBook Profile up to all comers. I have made SURE that after tomorrow they CAN NOT ignore me any longer!

And heck! I always wanted to have a video go insanely viral!

I have prepared well and will send out press packs to every local (and several national) news organizations,  several major players in my state and local government, and every Government agency with some stake in how these hospitals are run.  I am done sitting quietly by while Imy suffering is ignored.  I intend to misbehave.

Because this pain, and the lack of any care for it has left me no other choice.


David B. Willoughby

PS. Enclosed you will find a copy of the cover letter going out to the afore-mentioned organizations as well as a sheet containing the links to my personal blog and FaceBook Profile And severl of my recent Blog Posts..

Perhaps NOW, you will take me seriously.


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