My Story: Part 3.. Latest update…

Friday, November 9, 2012, 5:10 PM

Well.. That was a … fun day… not!

The day started out with an appointment at our local county health clinic. We spoke to an internist doctor there who said I probably don’t fit their treatment paramenter.. But she was willing to examine my case and see what she could do, if anything. I did a drug test.. (which they promptly lost.. And I had to go back later and re-do…) and said she would gather all of the different records and talk to me at my next appointment. December 13th. O.o
I have lost another 4.5 pounds. Since Wednesday.

After that, I came home for a bit and used the extra meds I had taken to cook Shawna a bit of lunch and even managed to eat a little and hold it down. Then it was off to my Primary’s office to pick up my scrip refills and take them to the pharmacy. Aabout ten minutes later we get a call saying the mscontin 15mgsr was ready, but there was a problem with the lortab 10/500’s.

Apparently the doctor had forgotten to sign the scrip and when the pharmacist called their office, he was told to just destroy it. That they would re-issue it instead. Ok. So I called their office to see if they wanted me to come back in or wait until Tuesday to do so. (Monday being a holiday.) The reaction to my question was a bit… surprising.

My Primary came on, angry and frustrated that I was refilling early *again*. He said they shouldn’t be due, if both scrips for them had ruin in normal time, until Dec 1 and he didn’t want to hear fromme until then. I tried reminding him that I had told both he and his nurse exactly how much and how often I had taken them at every single visit. He didn’t care. He was just frustrated. And angry. He said I would receive a certified letter next week letting me know if he was even going to keep me on as his patient.


I really can’t blame him for being frustrated, and the fact that all of the tests I have taken over the last few weeks didn’t show a definite cause for the pain is difficult for him to process. After all, how can I be suffering such pain without an *easily* seen cause? Yeah.. Story of my life for the last 12 or so years… *face palm*

I asked if he was still going to refil the mscontin, since he only wrote a 10 day scrip, and he said he would have to mull it over and decide.

I don’t really blame him. We have spent the last 45 days or so doing intensive rounds of appts, pinpoint injections, tests, and it *must* have required an immense amount of time and effort (and risk) on his part. He said he should have to “second guess” what works for me. Or what I am doing. O.O

Yeah. So I came home and wrote hime a short letter thanking him for all of his extra effort and apologizing for any perceived deception. But I don’t know if I should send it or wait a while… He made it *perfectly* clear he didn’t want to hear from me until Dec. 1. Period.

And so goes the soap opera that is my life…
From bad to worse to downright horrendous..
And every branch of the tree on the way down….

So. I have enough mscontin for.. 11 days at 15mgsr and lortab for.. ?4 days or so at the prescribed level..

I don’t see the new clinic again until the 13th, the surgical clinic until the 12th of Dec, and a meeting with my *old* pain doctor who is looking for any way possible to avoid treating me on Tuesday.


I don’t know whether to try and hoard my pills for only the direst of need, or just blow through them and try and accomplish what I can for as long as they last…

I just don’t know..

Either way sucks….

Oh! We finally got the name of the transitional clinic in Wyoming… and, after speaking to them, found out that it requires a doctor’s referral and record pack.. From the doctor that doesn’t want to hear from me again until December 1st….

So yeah…



~ by daveprime on November 9, 2012.

One Response to “My Story: Part 3.. Latest update…”

  1. I am soooo sorry you are being treated this way. It is totally unprofessional and uncalled for. I understand your dilemma. I am always frightened to question my pain doc for fear he will drop me. I have no reason to drop me nor has has given me reason to think he would. I wish I had the courage to change because I would like to see if someone could do a better job, as I am still having lots of flares and take lots of meds, yet still need SI injections regularly. I stay so nauseous I find it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. I only share this to let you know you are not alone. I pray that a miracle happens and the new pain doc can get you stabilized. As for sending the letter, I think I would send it as it is very compassionate and could get him back to his senses. Sending extra prayers and positive energy to you and the family. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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