A Walk Through The Darkness Of Chronic Pain And Depression...

Another visit in the dark…..

I sit alone in the dark.
Music playing on the machine near me,
Its solitary eye glowing with futility in the unlighted room.

I can feel its breath on my neck,
My old friend. My worst enemy.
That Hungry Demon named Pain,
Here for another terrible visit.
Here for its pound of my soul…

Locked doors don’t keep it at bay;
Nor do barred windows.
Always, it finds a way in….
Lights on, lights off, makes no difference.
I know it is still going to come. Eventually.
No matter *what* I might wish otherwise…

It rakes its claws through the old wounds again,
Freeing up those juices it feeds upon.
Bits of my soul flow away into the night, lost forever to time and space.
Unbidden screams come and go as I am used once again to sate its evil desires.

I am weak.

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~ by daveprime on November 5, 2012.

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