Quite a Ka-Winky-Dink….

We went to visit my Primary Care Doctor today for my every-other-day set of trigger point injections(using bupivocaine, normally not available outside of a hospital surgery suite) when they handed me a Visit Summary Sheet detailing my current bio-readings, and conditions being treated/looked at.

Now then, realize that I *really* don’t pay much attention to what others say or think at this point, but some question has been raised as to the validity of my claims of both the severity and extent of my current physical condition.

Here’s my current ailment/condition list from today’s summary:

Abdominal Wall Hernia
Androgen Deficiency
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Cor Pulmonale, Chronic –
(Cor pulmonale (Latin cor, heart + New Latin pulmonale, of the lungs) or pulmonary heart disease is enlargement of the right ventricle of the heart as a response to increased resistance or high blood pressure in the lungs (pulmonary hypertension). Wikipedia
Diabetes Millitus, Type 2 with renal Complications
H/O Opioid Dependency
Morbid obesity
Polycythemia Secondary to hypoxia (Hence the round the clock O2)
Proteinuria (Impending Renal Failure) That’s nice to know… *face palm*
Tendonapathy of Gluteal Region
Tobacco abuse – (Use … abuse.. You betcha!!)
Trochanteric bursitis

Everything  *not* in ()’s are copied right from today’s report.

Do I smoke with O2 on?
Why would I do such a thing?
‘Nuff said about that one I should think…..

My Vitals for this visit?
Sys Bp 128mmHg
Dia BP 90mmHG
Weight: 345.40 lbs (steady)
BMI: 51.27

Those are what is….
Pics available on request.. 😛

On to the fun stuff….. 😉

We met with the Primary Doctor, as I said, and took the Marcane first thing.  We discussed the possibility of moving to every day shots.. Since the every other day is fast losing its potency and effectiveness… And that’s a no go.  Even though he had spoken to the Hospital toxicologist, who said that there should be no lasting toxicologies as the current level, more often would merely build a higher blood serum level which would then cause even greater side effects than we are dealing with at present.

We discussed which emergency room to go to.

I told him that what was probably going to happen is that we would hit two shot sets in a row that failed, and then I would be in the hospital ER. For the *very* last time. That I was willing to go under the knife merely to buy myself one or two days in a hospital bed with a morphine pump so I could catch my breath a little. So I could just buy a little more Time

I think Shawna’s tears had an effect on him becuase her finally leaned back and said….

Ready for it…..?

“Well, we’ll just have to restart you on the MsContin then.”

Yeah. Real low key, but like many things said that way, significant.

It is a *very* minor dose. But it buys us the 14 days we need to get in to both pain clinics and see what they have to offer… That will just have to be enough…

And he was prepared to do this. It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, as shown by the fact that he had a pain contract filled out and ready with the*hospital group* letterhead on it and tailored pretty specifically to my own case. (One of the more liberal ‘pain contracts’ I have seen, actually.)

I initialed 10 or twelve times and signed it once or twice and headed out the door with a scrip of ten days of *just* enough relief to buy us through. Finally.  Hopefully we will be able to back off on the shots a bit as well.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow expect to have me actually write about some of the issues we face in this terrible action the DEA has taken against pain doctors and the patients they try and help, but for today I am going to med up… and sleep.
And continue biding my time best I can…

Take care everyone.  I’ll see you tonight most likely.<3


~ by daveprime on October 31, 2012.

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