Just holding our breaths…..

Finally home to stay for the night.. >.<
Long day, and in all of the rush to use the “magic window” of a few hours following my pain shots, we forgot to get the scripts for my cough meds.
It’s going to be a *very* long night…

Right now, all I feel is “Ouch.”

Let’s see, where were we..
The Primary Doctor’s appointment went pretty well.
-Referred me to phys therapy to see if they had any ideas…

-He pushed my case with the social services med person and got me a referral to a *small* pain clinic in the county health run clinic.  Haven’t heard much about it so it must be *very* small…  Appt date?  14th of Nov.

-Meeting with sleep doc on the 23rd to either redo or evaluate my former sleep studies as well as the sleep scans I take between now and then.. See if he defines my sleep problems as “minor” or “life threatening”.  We all know what happens if he reaches the latter conclusion..

-My *Current* (HAH!) Pain clinic doc supposed to give us *some* kind of answer on the 14th..

And of course we have a Standing appt. at the surgical center/orthopedics doc Waaaaay out on on Dec..4th? or somesuch..  Right.

So….. to sum up my current situation…
Have to try and ‘hold my breath’ until the 13th.. or 14th…. of NOVEMBER.

The Rash covers almost all the way down from my elbows to wrists now. My hands have developed *severe* contact sensitivity all the way across to the base of my thumb top *and* bottom. (I now must type without touching the desk or keyboard with anything but my fingertips, resting my weight further back on my forearms, due to the shaking of my hands,)  and the cns effects of the bupivocaine are becoming more pronounced with each set of shots…

The stuff just isn’t made to be *used* this way..
I’m taking 2 times 6cc’s every other day now..  I don’t *even* want to know what my liver has to say to me after trying to metabolize all that junk…

At this point, we are basically “nerve blocking” my whole *body*…

It makes my right eye “pull in” focus and makes me feel short of breath, stupid, and like I have an icicle stabbed through my heart and out my back. Doesn’t hurt exactly… but… cold.. and .. weird feeling..

I am up to 1 Norco every 5 hours to remain inactive, 2 to be even *slightly* active…

So…. Yeah.

We are fighting for *just* a little more *time* here. That’s all.  All concepts of risk assessment are out the window  at this point.  It’s a race… which gives out first… my body or the pain shots.

28 or 29 more days…. o.O

That’s how long I have to wait for an *answer* to whether or not I will be treated, *not* when treatment will actually *commence*… That normally takes *at least* a few more days.. or longer depending on whether we have done all the right tests… *sigh*

Yeah. o.o

And we started this mode of “treating non-treatment” only
*23* days ago….  >.<

I can hold my breath a *long* time… Just not sure i can hold it *that* long…


~ by daveprime on October 17, 2012.

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