We’re About To Lose Yet Another Soul To Suicide…

We’re about to lose another tender soul to this…
This… Backdoor war of intimidation and fear by the DEA.
This hidden assault against pain doctors and the patients they treat.

Another hard working, caring, living, breathing human being,
Killed by the reckless use of fear to force doctors
Into refusing to see or treat people in pain.
To refuse to give them *any* relief from the soul-rending agony.

It won’t be the first.
Or the last.
Just another soul crying out into the night.
Forgotten, Unheard, Uncared about by society.
Like the hundreds of others in our state this year alone.

They’ll “fall asleep at the wheel” and hit a bridge abutment at 100mph.
Or have a “hunting accident”.
Or fall off a perfectly good bridge for “no good reason” and drown or die on impact.
Or drink drain cleaner.
Or hang themselves from their closet clothes bar.
Or just take a gun and blow their brains out.
There are so *many* creative ways to end one’s life…
To finally make the pain stop.

To be honest, I am surprised we don’t hear about
More mass shootings because of this.
Then again, no I’m not.
These are kind, caring, loving people that just want treatment for their pain.
They would *never* think of inflicting *any* on any other living being.
They know its costs too damn well!

The *one* way they won’t die?
They can’t find anyone to prescribe those medicines anymore.
If they *could*, they would keep living for another day.
Another week.  Another year.

You know, *Life*.

But they can’t find a doctor.
They go to the E.R. a few times to get a shot,
Only to eventually be turned away.
Left in their agony. Alone. Again.

Or, like in WA and FL and KY.
Even *if* they are lucky enough to actually find a doctor,
Even get a scrip for pain medicines,
They are often unable to fill it anywhere, for *any* price.

So eventually they break and take their lives.
Barely noticed by society.
Thrown away with less concern than a family pet.

Someone who kept me alive two weeks ago
Is Going to kill themselves tonight.
Or tomorrow.
Or when Monday Morning comes around
And they have nothing between them and the pain.
And society doesn’t even seem to care.

And, to be honest…..
The way things are right now….

I can only tell them thank you.
And wish them good luck
And quick success in their effort.
And *that* is what the “War” has truly done.

They took away our “guns”, our *Medicine*.
Left us defenseless against the ravages of the pain.
Locked us away in a self-contained concentration camp,
Set the hounds of hell and pain loose in our flesh.
And told us by their actions we were garbage.
Unworthy of their time. Their money. Their attention.

And it is only a matter of time
Until so many thousands more
Do what so many have done before them and
Join my friend in suicide.

Me included….

The clock is ticking….
Can you hear them all dying yet?

All those silenced screams?

I can…..


~ by daveprime on October 6, 2012.

One Response to “We’re About To Lose Yet Another Soul To Suicide…”

  1. Bravo Dave. You said what so many thousands, possible millions are thinking or have thought about,including myself. I can only thank you for putting it into the perfect words that you have,and pray the very people that let this mess go to far without caring WAKE UP! Love to you, god bless you.Shannon

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