Saw my Primary doc yesterday.
Discussed options.
He said that I should go to the meeting at the pain clinic on Wed.
Said I really don’t have many options at this point and to voluntarily dismiss one, from *any* source was foolish.  He’s right. I’ll go. I don’t trust them, but I’ll go.

Also, he ordered full scans of my t-spine, L-spine and front/back hips and upper legs.
That’s ?Monday? Next week.
(Why didn’t the pain clinic do this?)

He also said he’s not worried about the DEA.
*Everything* I have asked for/received is medically mandated and *well* supported by the evidence.

That was kinda good to hear.
I get tired of people (Even doctors) implying that somehow the pain is “all in my head.”

He can only treat me short term.
He just doesn’t know enough.

The honesty was refreshing.

I got my shots (straight lido this time.)
Made him laugh when I couldn’t feel them. Again.
(Straight lido should burn like a mother!) lol
Ah well. Little blessings.
And he arranged for a partner to do the shots next week.
Before we go in, I’m gonna have Shawna mark me with a sharpie to make things easier. Lol
I may have to get little smiley face tattoos.

But in all of the confusion, he forgot to prescribe any breakthrough med.
I put a call into his office and had the pharmacy attach a note as well, but I get the feeling they were leaving the office shortly after they got done seeing me…

I doubled up on my remaining MS tabs. (After waiting 6 hours and trying all the adaptive techniques I know.)

I can only *HOPE* they take care of it today.
Or tonight is going to be…. Unpleasant.


~ by daveprime on October 2, 2012.

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