The comments here are more representative than one wants to think….
There are hundreds of THOUSANDS of us…
Each in AGONY….
Please GOD, Let them hear us!!

A Walk Through The Darkness Of Chronic Pain And Depression...

I thought I should write my story. Just in case.

You’ll understand that last sentence if you bother to take the time to read this entry. (Or many of the other posts I have dealing with pain.)


15  years ago, I was married to a vibrantly beautiful wife, was raising 6+2 kids, owned and operated my own small business that supported us and was doubling in business every 8-12 months.  After years of struggle and hardship, welfare, and food stamps and all the other programs, we were finally almost debt free. Only 4 months to go!  Then *it* happened.  And all of our lives changed forever.  Gone were any hopes of being debt free, owning a vehicle worth more than $500 dollars. Any of it.

And what was *it*?

I was carrying a console TV up a flight of stairs from the basement of a customer’s…

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~ by daveprime on September 29, 2012.

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