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I thought you might be interested in a story concerning the “human side” of the whole “Pain Pill War’.

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If you have any questions, please email me or call.
Soon.  Before I, like so many others have before me, become the evening news.
Because I cannot take much more of this agony.
Or the indifference of my doctors at Northern Rockies Regional Pain Center.

This is *not* just about narcotics. It is about *treatment* for pain issues.  Opoids are a godsend to thousands daily.  They make it possible for these people to have some kind of quality of life.  But the doctors are running scared.  The Feds are on a witch-hunt and doctors and clinics all over the country have been dropping all of their high-risk patients by in droves.  Those that *are* seen, are handed scrips they cannot fill anywhere for ANY amount of money!  So they hurt. They cry out in their agony, And eventually they silence their own voices out of frustration and lack of any other choice,.  Their pain *must* stop!  And the blood of each of those lives is on the hands of those waging this inhumane war against their fellow human beings!  (And those willing to sit silently by whilst it happens!)

According to Montana’s Guidelines :


 Section I: Preamble
The Montana Board of Medical Examiners recognizes that principles of quality medical practice dictate that the people of the State of Montana have access to appropriate and effective pain relief. The appropriate application of up-to-date knowledge and treatment modalities can serve to improve the quality of life for those patients who suffer from pain as well as reduce the morbidity and costs associated with untreated or inappropriately
treated pain. For the purposes of this policy, the inappropriate treatment of pain includes nontreatment, undertreatment, overtreatment, and the continued use of ineffective treatments


“ Accordingly, this policy has been developed to clarify the Board’s position on pain control, particularly as related to the use of controlled substances, to alleviate physician uncertainty and to encourage better pain management.
Inappropriate pain treatment may result from physicians’ lack of knowledge about pain management. Fears of investigation or sanction by federal, state and local agencies may also result in inappropriate treatment of pain. Appropriate pain management is the treating physician’s responsibility. As such, the Board will consider the inappropriate treatment of pain to be a departure from standards of practice and will investigate such allegations, recognizing that some types of pain cannot be completely relieved, and taking into account whether the treatment is appropriate for the diagnosis. “

In other words, one cannot remove *all* pain relieving measures without FIRST putting something else in their place!  But that is not what is happening!  People are being cut off and shoved out the door with *NO* treatment of their pain and left to their own devices.  Many of these kind, loving, but desperately hurting people will end their own lives rather than face another endless night stuck in the unending throes of agony.  And that is WRONG!

Now that you know about the problem, what are *YOU* going to do to help stop it?
Start by getting the word out!  Contact your representatives, your governor, your local medical board.

Please help the voices of the broken be heard!
We broken souls are so tired. So weak.  We desperately need your help.
All we ask is that you think about what *you* would want done if you or a family member were in agony *no one* would help them…
And then ACT!!

NO ONE should have to ask their doctor what is going to be done to address their verified, extreme levels of pain only to receive a blank look and silence in return..  No one.  We treat our pets better.

(Copies of correspondence on request.)

For more stories or background info on the this issue, contact:

Letter to the Editor:

‘A Silent Epidemic’

There is a national disaster occurring. The press isn’t reporting on it, the politicians are burying it.

Insulin. Every day thousands of people who need it are denied its life changing effects. Even though they have a medically verified condition requiring it, they have and are finding themselves dropped by their doctors and refused treatment with it! Doctors that see the need and actually prescribe it are threatened with being put out of business if any patient has a life threatening complication from insulin, even though it is the only thing available that seems to control their condition.  Even if the doctor did nothing wrong!!

Over the last year alone, hundreds of patients in Yellowstone County have been quietly cut off from and dropped by the doctors and health clinics and have found themselves unable to find another doctor to treat their conditions.

This lack of treatment has taken once productive citizens and turned them into quivering blobs of agony. Unable to work or interact meaningfully with their families due to their condition, they spiral down into a screaming mass of suffering and often end up taking their own lives rather than face another long night without relief. People that would otherwise be productive workers become a drain on society instead. At least for as long as they can withstand the pain.

In some parts of the country this travesty has reached the point that even *if* one can find treatment, they cannot find anywhere willing to fill their prescription for insulin. At *any* price!

What caused this situation? The misuse of insulin by a relative few that would likely abuse *any* medical substance they could lay their hands on. For the *vast* majority of insulin users, diversion or abuse is a non-existent problem! Yet these obedient, careful patients are being punished for those few that aren’t.

Oh! My mistake, I’m sorry.

It isn’t “insulin”…. It is pain medicines. Every other word is accurate.


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