I Live

With every shuddering breath,
I remember the smell of your skin,
The first time I held you close,
And you gave yourself willingly to me.
And I live…..

Every torn nerve fiber,
Merely reminds me of the tentative touch
Of your fingers
Along the back of my neck.
And I live.

Every agonizing heartbeat,
Echoes the trembling of your breath,
And the scraping of your teeth
On the muscles of my chest.
And I live.

Every dulcet tone your utter,
Takes me back to those lonely nights,
We spent sheltering each other,
From the cruelty of the World.
And I live.

I live.
For now.
And fear the moment these things
Are no longer enough to keep me from the void.
That sweet dropping of the final curtain.


~ by daveprime on September 19, 2012.

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