Just Another Day In Painsville…

I saw the  Butcher a short while ago.
After the other Wizards of Medicine
Had finished having their ways with me.
And I knew it would be bad….

He came in the door looking at charts, tests, and notes.
Hmmm.” He said.
I see.” He intoned.
Never once looking in my direction.

When he finally did look up,
He said those words that over the years
I have learned to fear,
For your own good…

I patiently explained why cutting my pain relief
Was NOT a good option.
(Especially considering that the tests show
The things we are doing have absolved the problem.)

He appeared to listen,
All the while going over his golf handicap
Or the latest score of his favorite team.
Just in case.” he said.

I reminded him of the walking corpse
That made it to my first appointment with him.
I discussed quality of life or lack thereof.
He nodded and agreed.

Then he mumbled a few more choice oaths like,
Just letting you know…
He then re-assured me that there wouldn’t be any changes
Until the first of the year at the earliest.

He swore.
He said not to worry about it.
It probably wouldn’t happen anyway.
Have a nice day!

I got the letter less than two weeks later…
Same words, Same reasons,
Less pain relief.
For your own good.”

I H.A.T.E. Those four F&*^#NG words!


~ by daveprime on December 6, 2011.

One Response to “Just Another Day In Painsville…”

  1. Im so sorry Dave. It’s not for your own good to be in more pain!

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