Spring is Here…

The sun is out again….

That fiery orb of blame that
Merely exposes my weakness and inability to everyone
Still willing to be near me everyday.

The sky is a bright, clean blue…..

Which works to highlight
How sloppy and unkempt I normally am
And how difficult it is to be
That snappy young stylist I once was.

There is a soft, breeze blowing….

Carrying my stench of fear
And utter failure across the lit landscape.
Warning everyone that I am nearby so they can hide.

The grass is green and the trees are in flower….

Reminding me that I have survived
Another black winter of pain and agony
Without finding a way to fix it or the strength to end it.

Children and small animals laugh and play nearby….

Oblivious to the spectre of death and pain
Seated morosely in their midst.
If only they saw past the mask, they would hide and scream.

I sit in a wooden chair on the first day of Spring….


~ by daveprime on May 28, 2011.

One Response to “Spring is Here…”

  1. Nicely structured 🙂 Loved it.

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