My breath comes in jaggged gasps and
Every burning mouthful fights its way in and out.
My heart cries in my chest and
I feel…… broken somehow.

I miss you.
The sound of your voice, The smell of your hair.
The lingering touch of your skin,
The warm glow of your heart.

Each day together,
We filled our hearts and minds with
Those things sought out by mankind through the ages;
Trust, love, belonging-ness…

And now I am alone again.
lost in the mazes of pain and uncertainty.
Never again to find that certain feeling
Being safe.

And you are …… gone.
Swept into the night without warning or desire.
Once again pawns to Destiny’s fickle
Sense of humor.

But as long as I draw breath,
I’ll hold the sound of your voice in my heart.
And wait for the day in another life and time,
When we will be together once again.


~ by daveprime on April 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “Alone…”

  1. Beautiful poem, deeply resonating. I think you may relate to this post:

  2. Gah!

  3. I thought you might understand this one, Oppie. 😉

  4. I think a lot of people will understand this one. I’ve said it before – long-distance relationships suck.

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