Alone again.
Circling each other in the dark.
An endless contest with only one escape;
One I’m yet too stubborn or stupid to take.

I woke from sleep short of breath,
The battle already begun.
Wanting to crawl out of my skin,
I pick up and put down the various implements
That could make just that happen.

So alone here.
It’s not that others don’t really care,
Don’t really call,
Don’t really try
To break through this crystal prison around me.

I merely find myself unable or unwilling
To bridge that final gap between us.
Like bumping ships in the frosty ether,
They are gone before I dare to speak the truth.

I pour music in my head;
Facts, words, lines into my eyes.
Something, anything, everything
To keep self knowledge at bay.

Hiding my silent screams and
Rivers of tears behind a lit screen.
Behind words on the page or
Thoughts typed into a keyboard.
All just reverberating shadows of a soul in pain.


~ by daveprime on March 3, 2011.

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  1. *hugs*

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