Free game show idea #247 –

“Considered Tradition or Camp?”

Basically, two ( or more) contestants have to battle their way through two phases:

Stage One- Each contestant must spend an hour choosing an outfit for their transsexual host to wear to a specified outing, out of items supplied from the show.  Each item’s “fashion value” is added up for points (60/40, 70/30/, 80/20 etc) with the highest points going to the contestant that chooses the most “fashionable” outfit with “Campy” choices deducting from overall points (as chosen by a panel of judges.)

Stage two: Contestants sit together with their host in a small theatre, watching “foriegn” art films and eating a supposed “classic” treat (which can either be real or made up.)  If real, the contestant must guess if the film is truly an “art film” and if the snack is Considered tradition somewhere in the world.  (If so, they must finish the ‘treat’, if not, they may refuse to eat it, with appropriate penalty points if wrong.)


Yup, My brain is pretty twisted!


~ by daveprime on January 3, 2011.

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