Broken Hearted

Hello all…..

Sorry to seem to be doing so well and then drop off the edge of the blogging/posting world.  In short, for a little over a month or so my life SUCKED.  Big blue ice cubes. *sigh*

After the massive influx of cash for Shawna’s school, we mostly paid bills and watched the money drain quickly away.  Within a month, we were broke again, and had our interwebz shut off.  Again.  (Which is odd, because we were only 3 days late with the bill and normally they don’t shut things off until you are 2 months and 3 days late, but I digress.)

We were finally able to get it back two weeks later, but by then I was ill and not very shiny.  I was so busy trying to get in touch with my Voc Rehab person, and worrying about the interweb job that I wanted, that I found myself not really wanting to “chat” about anything.  I tried for over two weeks to let them know that I needed two minor pieces of equipment (less that $200), and then another 3 weeks waiting for an email saying that it was finally ready for pickup.

Maybe I should explain:  The job I was going after was an ADA job through the Fed Gov answering questions about IRS forms and such through a virtual terminal.  I could work from home, make $13 or so per hour, be reimbursed for phone and interwebz costs, work flexible hours, and possibly extend it out to full time employment when I was ready.

I checked the job board every couple of days while I waited with baited breath, and all seemed fine.  Slow, but fine.  At least up until last week.

On Friday I got an email dated Thursday morning saying that I cold pick up the equipment.  Unfortunately, I got said email around 4pm and we were in the midst of nasty snow and uber-icy roads, so I would have to wait until Monday to go in and get the stuff.  (I was still going to try and get the equipment Friday, until I checked the job board and found that the IRS job was gone!!)  All that was left were a one week job right after Xmas doing returns for a cell phone company, and a 40 hour per week job for a different cell phone company with set hours and a pay rate of $8 an hour.  (I cannot work more than around 24 hours a week, or I will lose all of my medical, of which my meds alone take up around $800 a month.)

I was angry/upset/ and heartbroken at the same time.

Ugh.  It still hurts.

So I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.  I know that I am blessed in a myriad and sundry number of ways, but right now I am just heart sick over the loss of what seemed a dream job opportunity.

I will try and blog more later.  Right now I have to go and cook for a holiday that just makes me want to bawl my eyes out…

Tah – tah!  *sigh*


~ by daveprime on November 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Broken Hearted”

  1. Hang on a sec – if they had organised for equipment to be ready for you to pick up, doesn’t that mean you had gotten the job? How could they then give it away to someone else without at least telling you???

  2. Nettie, the Voc (Vocational) Rehab place had arranged for the equipment. The job is through another company. Voc Rehab originally told Dave about the company, but he couldn’t actually get a job with them until he had the equipment (couldn’t even apply, actually). That’s how he got the computer and printer earlier this year (or was it last year? I forget)–and then he had his wrist surgery and couldn’t type for a while…so then he saw that there were jobs he could do, and talked to Voc Rehab again, to get the phone and headset he needed, which led up to this post.

  3. I understand nettie. the problem is that (as Shawna said) the job is through a third party. the equipment was a pre-requisite for applying….

    I’m just frustrated. It’ll pass….

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