I Dance the Dance of Darkness…

I dance in the Dark,
On the tip of a knife.
Fighting with all the I have or am
To stay on the point and not slide
Down the razor sharp sides into the icy Abyss.

I grasp with futility at whatever straws are around me,
Hoping beyond hope that they will somehow
Stabilize the place that I find myself in
And slow the painful gyrations of my tortured soul.

Dance! Dance! Twist! And Turn!

I spin in burning agony and
Turn in tortured distress.
My cries for help swallowed up
By the murmuring darkness around me.

In the distance there is a light approaching.
A pin-prick of hope for another day.
A glimmer through a keyhole
In the deep, dark depths of my soul.


I rotate silently on the tip of a blade
Crying hot tears lost to the unknown
Like tiny dew-diamonds in the dawn,
Burned off in the heat of the desert sun.


I dance the dance and pray,
That I can only hold my tempo.
That I can keep my bloody balance,
Until the silver and crimson dawn comes and saves me once again…


~ by daveprime on October 16, 2010.

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