A View from The Stair…

I sit back on my gritty, hard steps and
Take in the slow changing seasons around me.
The high days of Summer have gone,
The early days of autumn have begun.

Though still hot as an oven during the day,
The sun lacks that bitterly hard edge that it had a few weeks ago.
The clouds skittering across the azure sky,
Have lost that indefinable fluffiness found only in Summer clouds.

Local kids once again trudge to and from school,
No longer free to run wild and create their own worlds of high fantasy.
Instead their heads are filled with columns and numbers and facts,
Now there are rules to be followed and their voices are to remain silent.

Even the animals seem to feel the change in the air around them,
Causing them to bark a bit louder and react with greater vigor.
Cats spend more time in hiding,
As if by hiding they can prevent the coming cold, dark days.

The insect world erupts at the change,
Clamoring in an ever-rising din which echoes off hot walls and
Sieves its way through the dusty green leaves and sun-seared brown grass.
Thousands of feet, pincers, and claws prepare for that last, long march into oblivion.

All day long I have rested here in my little bit of shade,
Given off from the lone scraggly tree in the front yard.
Watching and listening as only one broken and humbled can do.
Listening to the slowing heartbeat of the Summer Paradise roundabout me….

Wondering silently to myself if I, Like my many legged cousins,
Will survive another turning of the globe.
Or will this be the time my body succumbs to the
Bone numbing darkness and cold.


~ by daveprime on August 28, 2010.

One Response to “A View from The Stair…”

  1. I really like this one, love!

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