Again At the Gate…

I stand here once again,
Just outside the reach of that threshold,
That beckons with a living promise of
Release and relief.

It stands eight feet tall, six foot wide.
Rust and jade vines intertwine its posts
And the opening glimmers with a
Quicksilver gleam of hope.

I feel so powerless beside it.
So small.  So weak.
My skin glows gold in the reflected light
From the other side.

As I watch the luminous gate,
A progression of nameless ones step through;
Making ripples in the shimmering
Pane of otherness within.

I feel the eddies and currents of
Time and Life flow past me through its
Open confines;
Binding blood and bone to their final fate.

The weaves of spirit and air
Pulse with what feels like a fain heartbeat.
The living essence of all who will eventually come
To this final portal in life.

And still I stand in its weaves,
Feeling them crawl across my skin
With their thrumming demand,
And weep at my inability to reach the other side….


~ by daveprime on August 19, 2010.

One Response to “Again At the Gate…”

  1. That is a very powerful poem, I liked the visualization. Thanks for sharing.

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