Another night spent alone in the dark,
Well, that’s not completely true.
I am never truly alone.
There is always the Beast here.
Staining my neck with it foul, fetid breath.

There was a time I could escape it in my dreams.
When sleep was a safeguard from its terrible ministrations.
A place where I could find peace and rest,
Until it woke me with its horrendous claws.

But no more.
Now the horrid creature follows me even there.
Reaching for me with its razor sharp paws,
Injecting my wounds with a black, sticky vitriol.

No rest.
No respite.
No quarter given.
Every day is a testimony to my endurance.

Or am I just too stupid to give up?
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst?
The inveterate optimist?
Only time will tell….

For now I am slashed every time I move;
Pierced with every breath.
My hopes and desires crushed down
Under the weight of agony and poisonous claws.

There are pills I can take to keep the beast at bay,
Little white proof against its depredations.
But it gets closer with every dose.
Every tablet lasting just that little bet less…..

The end is, of course, inevitable.
The  time coming when my protection will fail.
The beast will grasp me fully in its clotted talons,
And finally devour that little spark which is still ‘me’.


~ by daveprime on August 15, 2010.

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