In other news…

A week ago I stopped my vitamin D.  There was a good reason for this at the time (I thought).   Since early Feb. I have lost all feeling in the two little fingers on my right hand, as well as most of the strength/coordination in that hand.  About the same time we upped the dose I was taking of the Vitamin D.  Now, knowing that I react oddly to things since my car wreck/head injury in ‘93, I began to wonder if the two were not somehow linked.  So I figured I would cut out the meds and see what happened.

So far, so good.  For the most part anyhow.  Except for the black fog that drops down over me when my Vitamin D levels go down, there hasn’t been any real change.  But it is probably too soon to notice any real changes.  As the days and ?weeks? go by, I am hoping to get some type of relief.  After all, I have already had the surgery, to no avail.

And I have started losing all of the feeling and strength in my left hand……

I will not, Can. Not. Live., without the use of my hands.

So here’s to hoping……

On other fronts, I have been diagnosed with polycythemia.  That is an overabundance of red blood cells.  The cells are also overly enlarged.  Right now the docs don’t know if this is a symptom, or a disease.  Genetic testing (Jak-2) is currently underway.  Fun stuff.

In brighter news the weather has been in the low 70’sF for the past few days.  I’m certainly more comfortable in that range than in the high 90’sF we have been having for the past few weeks.  I was BAKING!!  Ugh.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. Or blog. Or whatever.


~ by daveprime on August 14, 2010.

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