Alone in the dark…

I awake in the night again,
Alone in the silent walls and hallways.
I make my way to my favorite perch,
And tap my thoughts into the glowing box that resides there.

The silence is heavy.
It suffuses everything in a blanket of null noise,
Muffling every move I make or word I say.
So I sit in this muted cocoon and nurse my pain.

Memories of sunshine and warmth fly past,
Too fast for me to grasp them and pull them to my chest.
Flittering out the dark windows,
Like bats on their way to balmier climes.

Reaching into my desk drawer I take out my pill packet
And, selecting a few, I ingest this tabulated release.
Not for any ‘high’ or euphoric experience,
But rather for a few minutes of “normal”

Rocking slowly back and forth while I wait,
I peruse the news that doesn’t really have anything to do with my “life”.
After all, what good is news of the living,
To one caught in the depths of the undead?

Three hours ‘till sunrise.
An eternity and a half.
A ticking lifetime alone in the dark.
Alone. Alone. Alone. Alone.


~ by daveprime on July 21, 2010.

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