Another Lifetime in the Dark…

There is no respite in sleep,
The creature follows me into my very dreams.
Gouging me with its gnashing teeth,
And cutting off any ray of rest or release.

I awake with a shuddering moan,
As Its rending claws ravage my back and side.
Fueled by desperation,
I struggle to my feet seeking the possibility of escape.

It stands behind me in the dark,
Laughing at my feeble attempts at evasion or diversion.
I make my way down the hallway,
With the monster’s breath raising the hairs on my neck.

I stagger heavily to the desk,
And grope frantically for my pill container.
Trying to erase the appearance of the Beast
From what was otherwise a pleasant dream.

With my final reserves,
I reel into the kitchen,
Refilling my mug with lukewarm coffee,
And making it back to the chair to fall in.

I sit and breathe for a short time,
Then slam a handful of encapsulated liberty
Down a throat ragged from tears and
The cries of the lost.

In the dark.
I sit and wait for the slightest glimpse of sweet relief…


~ by daveprime on June 23, 2010.

One Response to “Another Lifetime in the Dark…”

  1. My GOD this is ………… it is worthy of publication but even more, I think to hear it read aloud from the breath of the scripter! I believe, it’s time to make a cd or even a DVD of what you are seeing, feeling, tasting with all the colors involved. You inspire me and the tears you dredge up are good ones!

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