He’s here again….

He’s here again….
That stinking mass of hate and vitriol.
I can smell its fetid breath,
And feel its claws moving just above the skin of my neck.

It comes out of the dark unexpectedly.
It surges in jerky motions from the shadows,
Filling the room with the sounds of
Its absolute hate and power.

Inside I scream for mercy while
Outside I try and maintain an illusion of calm.
Inside I cry the tears of a child,
While outside I pretend to be a man.

My wounds bleed afresh from its feral onslaught,
Caught again in its hands of ire and loathing.
It tears at all that I ever was,
Seeking those parts of me held back from its sight.

Places like

It leaves off in an instant,
After hours of torment and pain.
Leaving me shuddering and crying,
Alone in the dark again…..


~ by daveprime on June 21, 2010.

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