Feeling like a piece of firewood Again…

What a meat grinder the past month or so has been!

I have found out that yes, there are jobs available for me to work at home, BUT with my hand numb and the resulting surgery (Which was supposed to return feeling in to my last two finger and DIDN’T) I have been unable to get my typing and lessons and such done.

Shawna has been attempting to return to school this fall, only to find that she owed money to the school. So we paid that off over time.  Only to find that her GPA from 15 years ago is too low for her to be considered for financial aid.  Unless she appeals.  IF they get around to it before the next semester and she can document why she failed over 15 YEARS AGO.

Shawna’s census job has also come to an apparent end.  It has been tapering off over the past month or so, so we have been progressively tightening our belts to make ends meet.  They were supposed to call yesterday to let her know if they have a position for her in the next rotation. (If she decides to take it, it is not something she really wants to do.)

Various kid related problems have come up and we have dealt with them all with ?grace? Under fire.  Unfortunately we are on kinda shaky ground ourselves right now, so there is very little we can do other than pat them on the heads and tell them that it will eventually get better.

My pain is high and I am having problems moving around.  The meds don’t seem to be holding and I require almost a third again dose in order to function at even minimal efficiency.  The doc says I am already on a critical care level dose so no addition will be made at this time.  He thinks I should just plan my activities better and try “not to do so much”.  Right.

I know that God is going to provide, and we have an “on-time” God (Not early or late, but on time), but I would certainly like to have a couple of weeks/months where we weren’t standing in front of the proverbial wood-chipper with our toes sliding down the feeding chute.  Is that really too much to ask?


~ by daveprime on June 17, 2010.

One Response to “Feeling like a piece of firewood Again…”

  1. *hugs* I’m so sorry that you guys are having such a tough time 😦
    Just remember that you have friends thinking about you and wishing you well.

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