A Moment on the Wheel of Pain..

Lately I have been feeling alone.
Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of kids
And people living their lives,
I spin through endless days and nights of
Repetitive motions and routines.

Every day I make plans to try and become
The man I used to be.  A small part of
Who I once have been.
And these concrete resolutions last right up until
My pain slams me back in my seat with
Its icy talons and mocking laughter.

I watch the sun rise.
And then I watch it set.
I do the dishes, cook a meal or two,
And watch my kin wake, live their lives,
Then go to bed.

Minutes become hours.
Hours become days.
Days become weeks and months.
Every day a variation on a theme of
Pain, regret and loss.

The huntress at my side now hunts for two.
Tends my wounds,
Builds up the fire on cold nights,
And touches me throughout the day to let me know
She is still with me.

And all I can offer her is
A broken spirit,
A mauled body,
A word of encouragement.
She deserves so very much more.

Just another day on the Wheel of Pain…


~ by daveprime on June 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Moment on the Wheel of Pain..”

  1. Very touching poem, I just want you to know that there is hope. I have seen with my own two eyes chronic pain sufferers return to a normalized life. If you have a chance please read through our blog at http://www.chronic-pain-treatment.net/blog

  2. For what it’s worth –
    I know.
    I’m sorry.
    You’re not alone.

    You offer far more than broken-ness. I don’t have to have met you to see that.

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