Day three… quitting smoking.


It is not going as well as I thought it would.  For some reason one of my five remaining teeth has chosen this moment to abscess.  the screaming pain means that i can only sleep for 30 or so minutes, and then am awakened by searing pain.

Nothing hurts worse than tooth pain.  Nothing.  And for some reason Morphine does nothing to quell the sensation. I know. I’ve tried.  even at 200 milligrams of IR, nothing. No relief. *sigh*

Toomorrow I am going to call and have my name put on a waiting list to have the tooth pulled at the ‘free clinic’.  I f that doesn’t workj by afternoon, I am going to the hospital and getting a referral and some hydrocodone. (My favorite drug by far… 🙂

And i start quitting again tomorrow. Today is a wash…. 😦


~ by daveprime on April 27, 2010.

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