The Beast Within…

Deep in the night, the hunt begins…
I hide in my blankets, afraid of what comes next.
The feel of its fetid breath upon my skin,
Those rotten teeth glinting dully in the darkness.
The sound of those low growls that mean it is near…

It’s coming for me again, and there is no where I can hide.

I leap from my bed and stagger to the living room.
Rifling through my cabinet, I finally come up with
The only thing that might keep it at bay.
Holding them in my shaking right hand,
I quickly slam them into my mouth and swallow.

And i wait.

Was I quick enough? Was I on time?
I glance at the clock while I wait for my
Talisman to start doing its job.
The sweat starts to run, reminding me that I would
Pay a price for this night’s negligence.

And the seconds tick by.

Step by step it draws closer;
In all of its maleavolent fury.
It stalks up the hallway slowly,
This demon of my life and dreams.
Driven to destroy me and claim my life.

It is still coming….

Finally, at the last possible moment.
Just as the jaws open in their silent laugh,
The Talisman begins its spell.
Inches from my flesh, the beast draws back once again.
Snarling once, it pads back down the hall and disappears into the darkness.

Content to wait until the next dose of morphine is due….


~ by daveprime on April 19, 2010.

One Response to “The Beast Within…”

  1. …sounds familiar

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