A Brief update…

About three months ago my family doc discovered I had SEVERELY low Vitamin D retention and put me on magadoses of it once a week for, well, forever I guess.  I am supposed to go in and get my blood checked, but I keep putting it off for some reason.  No really good reasons, mind you, just SOME reason. hmmmm.

I have noticed a major difference in my depressive tendencies when I have been taking them for a couple of weeks.  Everything stops looking so depressively bleak and bleary.  thoughts of offing myself by eating too much fudge and whatnot rarely if ever enter my daily thoughts. (Nights are a different story, but being alone for hours in the dark IS an entirely different matter, isn’t it?)

My days tend to run on rails of late with the vitamin in my system. I find myself pushing too hard and then I end up sitting in my chair all night thinking about just how much I am going to hurt tomorrow, when i have to do it all over again. *sigh*

On the brighter side, I finally located a 1986 camper van (conversion) that ought to work out well for just throwing a little bit of gear in and going camping!  And all for $500!! (Plus a battery and muffler, but what can one expect for $500, really?)  Inside it is IMMACULATE.  And the body is straight and without much in the way of rust.  the really funny thing is the way they have the ignition rigged. They have broken the safety interlock and jammed the key in, and then added a separate ignition switch. (Push button, of course you silly person!)  Oddness right up my alley.

I refill on Wednesday. I can’t wait. I have done better this month than any of the past three, but I am still a bit short on meds so the next few day will be tough.  One of these days i might just get consistent pain relief every day of the month. But I’m not holding my breath…


~ by daveprime on February 7, 2010.

One Response to “A Brief update…”

  1. I’m glad the vitamin D is working so well for you, and that you’re finally able to sleep! I can see a difference in you, too. Love you!

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