Another Night…

I come awake with a start and shudder.
Sleep has fled.
I am alone once again the dark.
Alone to face hours without the sun.
Once again.

In the vague recesses of my mind,
I remember sleeping at night and waking after the sun.
At least I think I do.
Those days are so far removed,
So very long ago.

I make my way out to my dark throne,
Spied upon by the aqua screen of my only companion.
It’s single eye sees my pain,
My shame. My weakness.
And lights to show me a window on the world.

I make myself a hot drink and grab something to eat.
I try and make myself comfortable.
A lost and futile quest,
But still something I attempt every day.

Sitting in the dark, the screen of blue before me,
The sharp edge of the desk cutting into my arms,
I tap my way out onto the worldwide scene.
Wander my way out into the virtual freedom before me.

The first thing I check is the weather.
Funny that, in that I am not apt to need to know
The temp or weather outside my self-imposed cell.
I never really get to see it anyway.

Next I reach out and vibrate those thin silver threads
That bind me to like souls out there on the web.
Hoping that we can touch base. Talk.
Just be together via the interweb for a short while.

Touch. Vibrate. Gentle tug.  Harder tap.
Nothing. No response.
The web is dark. Silent.

So I sit here again in the dark.
Staring at the blind eye of the world.
Wondering if there will ever be a time,
When I will awaken after the sun…..


~ by daveprime on January 31, 2010.

One Response to “Another Night…”

  1. Dave you have a way of shedding light on the darkest of scenes.I’ve never felt your pain but through your eyes I know your pain!!!The sun will shine bright for you my friend,but only god knows when.It will come to be though my friend!!!

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