An Autumn Breeze

An Autumn breeze cuts through the air.

Slightly warmer than the trees around it,

It still chills my arms and makes the hair stand up on my neck.

Summer’s last gasp seems to have passed…


Leaves in their myriad of colors

Stream toward the round in a tuneless dance.

Never quite touching,  Always moving,

Moving with purpose, to the ground.


The smell of snow is on the air.

A promise of blissful white evenings and days.

A crisp call to winter, to days filled and bright,

With wisps of warm family mixed in.


I miss the warm summer,

It’s sticky, slow nights of love.

I miss the crisp springtime,

With rainy dreams promised,

And flowers and lovers’ delights.


But for now I have Autumn,

That short time of in between.

A moment of rest and respite.

I know what is coming, and what;s gone before,

As I stand in the gathering night….




~ by daveprime on November 2, 2009.

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