The sweet kiss of Life

It’s refreshing in a way….
That first bite when the blade kisses flesh.
That sharp pain/pleasure of drawing
Steel through yet another piece of me.

For a moment, I cannot feel.
The hurt, the anger, the pain.
And then… a heartbeat or two,
Fresh feeling comes flooding through me.

Shaken to my core,
I finish the motion I have begun.
And feel that sweet kiss of steel,
Leave its lasting breath upon my skin.

Like a bit of air that is new and never used,
I FEEL again. If only for a moment….
A minute, an hour,
An eternity.

And then I look at what I have done and sigh.
And keep the wet stuff off the floor.
This bit of unused life.
This spoon or two of unused me.

And I know that I won’t be back here soon.
This is the last time.
I promise. I swear.


~ by daveprime on September 21, 2009.

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