In the Glittering Dark….

Once again I stand at that brilliant black doorway,
Framed in ochre and gold.
A world ebb tide flowing past me
Through the doorway into the ether.

My heart’s blood sings in tune
With the chorus of voices that have crossed over.
They call back to me through time.
Inviting. Begging. Waiting.

In this place, unlike the waking world,
My pain stands beside me.
A ravening animal with no control,
No conscience, No end.

Its slavering ebony jaws reach at me,
Never quite touching…..
Always reaching, straining towards
All that is left of who I am.

Playing across the surface of the doorway
Are scenes from who I was.
Laughing, Loving, Virile and Strong.
All that I was and could have been.

And I stand calmly watching.
Gauging the rhythm of the flows.
Picking my wave.
Waiting for my time, my wave, my set…..

My time to let go of what is left of me,
And join with all the rest of me…..
On the other side of this needle thin
Shard of life and love.

This razor fine doorway of life…..
And death.


~ by daveprime on September 21, 2009.

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