I promised to let everyone know how things are turing out with the whole son thing, so here goes….

So far, not well. They are seperated. (Officially) As I said before, she moved all of ‘her’ furnishings, dishes, etc out of the apartment they shared and then cut all of my son’s access to his pay/bank accounts. (Though she has been ‘kind enough’ to give him a little running money, but no car or way to get to/from work.)

He seems to be getting better, all things considered. He truly wants to work on his marriage, but finds it difficult when they can’t seem to get past long past actions. He admits his faults and wants counseling, but seems to be hitting a block with her.

It is just sad all around, really.

I advised him to secure his finances (while making sure that he continues to pay for all of their joint bills.) That way if things go any farther south, he will at least be able to pay his own rent and possibly buy a set of wheels.

trusting but safe.

I really hope they can work it out, because his wife is a really neat girl. She is just carrying some baggage from a really lousy past relationship, and tends to look at my son in the same light. *sigh*

More to follow if anything changes.
(And I promise my emo fans that the next post will be more personal…..)


~ by daveprime on September 17, 2009.

One Response to “Update…”

  1. I’m so sad when I read about marriage breaking up.

    I write a blog that is to help men better love their wives. I would love for you and your son to take a look if you have a minute.



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