A rough day…..

My need comes on me like a fire that burns within while my skin freezes.
A general sense of unease rolls past,
Charging my body for a race I cannot, will not,
Ever Run.

Pain courses through me in waves.
Like the tides, there is no fighting it.
One can only ride it out,
And hope to find relief on the other side.
Relief that rarely comes.

Warriors in pill form come to the fight,
Are devoured and then go away.
Never having really investing themselves,
In the conflict to save my soul.

Every day is the same.
Every night is the same.
Flowing one into the other in an
Endless dance of progression.

And still I stand.
Beaten and bloody,
Sometimes on my knees,
Still I stand.

For now….


~ by daveprime on August 24, 2009.

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