Alone once again in the landscape of my Mind…

Too many days have I been trapped here.
Too many nights all alone.
Unable to escape this dark reality,
Trapped in a hell all my own.

The pain, an old friend, Leads and guides me.
It tells me which pathways to trod.
I struggle to keep up my energy,
I humbly submit to my God.

The current fast flowing slips by me.
I see glints of beauty ahead.
I hear calls of love from behind me,
They burn me like bullets of lead.

I will not give up the struggle.
Too long in the doorway I’ve stood.
I fight for the good of my family.
I stay out of love for my brood.

So easy it would be to give up.
So little a step it would take.
To slip through the portal before me,
So big a decision to make.

But knowing the love of my Master.
The pain He already endured.
Secure in the knowledge of passage,
And illness to soon be all cured.

So when in the darkness you journey,
Alone in a world filled with pain.
You find the hot doorway of passing,
Turn round and face life once again.

Or something like that…..


~ by daveprime on March 8, 2009.

One Response to “Alone once again in the landscape of my Mind…”

  1. *hugs*
    That’s in no way awful. VERY nice scansion, and vivid imagery.

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