A Few Days Short…

of the holidays and things are VERY hectic!!  It looks like we are going to be doing the majority of our X-mas shopping in the last few days!! (YIKES!!)  Oh well.  Who really wants to have everything done early and be able to just sit around those last few days and only have to worry about the cleaning and cooking, right?  Urk.

As we draw into the “family season” my mind goes back to all of those souls that have at one time or another shared the road with me for a while.  I miss the way we used to gather around and just “hang out”.  I miss the fun.  I miss YOU all…..

I have word from my Doc that there is an experimental treatment that has a chance of reducing my pain by up to 50%.  It requires me to undergo an agonizing set of injections, but if successful, it could lead to a deadening of this constant agony I am stuck living with.  Imagine, a world that doesn’t revolve around pill counts or med times!! Amazing.  Here’s hoping it will work!

And because I live on the edge of utter dispair, here’s my latest bit of dark poetry. Enjoy! (Or whatever…)


As I sit here in the dark,

Staring with blinded eyes into the brightness of the night,

My ears ring with the sounds of

Those that I have loved.

Those I have bled and cried with and for.

Those I once thought I could not live without.

Those I thought could not live without me.


I was, it appears, wrong.


Inch by inch,

Strand by strand,

The ties that bind were broken and cut

By things outside my control:









The cold wind blows over my parched skin,

Bringing back memories of days that

Rained down happiness and joy.

A never-ending shower of companionship and Bliss.




So I sit here in the dark.


Holding in my broken hands the memories

Of moments gone by….


And I quietly weep…..


~ by daveprime on December 21, 2008.

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