Looks Like I Might Just Be An Owner

Interesting days and times around the old homestead the past week or so!

I got a call from my current landlord telling me that he is now an owner of the house we have been looking at. (YAY)

Sometime in the next few days, we will get together and come up with the best way to work the financing/money issues/move date to put my family into this new (to us) house.  I think about all that is going on and while I am overwhelmed with gratitude, i am also scared spitless about the whole thing!  Somewhere deep inside, i keep expecting everything to fall apart somehow.

I guess the thing that is throwing me for the loop is  the “reallness” of it all.  Yesterday Shawna and I were driving through some of the small towns in the area.  Some had only a part time post office and a button-sized school!  As I drove quietly through, all I could think of is how much I would really LOVE to live somewhere like that.  I can fully picture stepping out of my front door each day to the sounds, smells, and sights of nature all around me.  The feeling I get is……..home. *sigh*

Perhaps Shawna is right.  She thinks that the only reason i want to live out in the boonies is so that I can shoot dinner from the front porch without any of the neighbors complaining. LOL  (She may be partially right!)

Shawna is, of course, excited as all get out about the thought of actually owning our own home.  She needs to be near other folks.  the thought of being miles from the nearest neighbor doesn’t do much for her. So, because i love and need her, I will live here in town.

But somewhere deep inside, down where no one can see, I will be dreaming of living on the edge of the frontier.  And I will stand there in my mind’s eye and just breathe….


~ by daveprime on November 21, 2008.

One Response to “Looks Like I Might Just Be An Owner”

  1. I think it’ll all go fine. *hugs*

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