A funny thing happened at the table tonight…

It isn’t often that i find a gap in Shawna’s education. She is, for the greater part, most erudite and educated.  She studied art and is an avid reader, so when I run across a “hole” in her knowledge base, I tend to sit up and take notice!

This evening we were sitting around the table watching some old cartoon/movies on my laptop.  We had started off with Rikki Tikki Tavi ( I can’t help it!  I think that Rikki is just downright cute and cuddly!) and I happened to find The White Seal.  For those of you that might remember, the white seal is about a baby harp seal that leaves Nova Scotia in search of a place where his “people” can live without the fear of the bloody clubs of human beings. (Not politically correct at all…..) In passing, Heather asked about what type of seals they were, and Shawna told her they were Easter Seals…..

I did a quick double take, and asked her to make sure I had heard her correctly.  I then tried to clarify that it was baby harp seals that had the white coats and that were clubbed for their skins each spring and that Easter Seals were little stamps one puts on one’s packages around Easter to support handicapped services! 🙂

After looking at me for a few seconds in disbelief, she proceeded to argue (Probably just for the sake of arguing ) that there were TOO Easter Seals and that I was, of course, wrong.

After general fun ribbing during and after the movie, Shawna grabbed my laptop and googled Easter Seals. It took her right to the Easter Seals Organization.  She smiled and said that I could stop mocking her now.

I haven’t had such a good chuckle in a long time. (If any of you know Shawna well, you will know that she is typically right.  Finding her in a small error is hard.  Finding her operating under a major error is almost unheard of!  I, of course, restrained from mocking her too badly. (After all, i only drew ONE picture of an Easter Seal with fins and tail….) LOL

I just wanted to share this rare moment with you all…..

Until next time….


~ by daveprime on November 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “A funny thing happened at the table tonight…”

  1. XD


  2. I often feel this way about Christian as he is always right about everything. It’s not often that I’m the one who is right but when it does happen, I like to bask in my glory! lol

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