Fall has Fallen….

How depressing.  Two days ago it was 102 degrees; hot and dusty.  Today it made it all the way up to 53! Urk.

Solid grey.  Which is somehow appropriate.  It is a pretty accurate mirror of how I am feeling internally today.  *sigh*

Ah well.  Soon the wind will bring with it the cold of a northern sprite.  First it will kiss the trees, covering them in crystal suits, and each blade of grass will be frozen in time once again.  The sky, pure blue, will allow the world below it to echo and reverberate under the unfeeling stare of a powerless winter sun.  Dark will prevail over the light, lasting longer and longer each day; sending the light on the run as early as 3:30pm.  Man will step in and change the time scale to fight it and the battle for sanity will commence.

Inside each home, people will turn the heat up, the lights on, and cook something a little extra sweet or fatty to munch on.  Hot chocolate and cafe mocha will be the beverages of choice.  A cup of tea in the morning, troughs of coffee during the day, and another flavor of tea in the evening to set the day. *sigh*

Winter is always hard for me.  I HATE being left alone in the dark. And in the winter, there is just so MUCH of it….


Here’s to all of you.  May you always find the hearth warm and inviting, may friends and family always be near, and may you never have to face a night of evil alone.  As for me, I will just keep doing what I have been doing; trying to survive until the morning light comes and drives away the demons. *sigh*

It’s gonna be a looooooong winter…….


~ by daveprime on September 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Fall has Fallen….”

  1. Very poetic darling.

    Perhaps you guys should come live down here? I think the weather would suit you much more than there!

  2. This is going to be a very long fall and winter for me as well… …

  3. Don’t let the cold suck you in yet. I refuse!!! It is still getting up into the mid 70’s most of this week. I do think I made the most of this summer that I could, there are still things that I didn’t get done, but one can only do so much.

  4. Nettie, I would LOVE to live down under! (Except for the whole vegemite thing…)

    Oppie, I hear you. Feel free to fire off a note or something if you need to chat at someone who understands pain and loss.

    Neo, it may 70 there, but it has been mid 50’s here! Urk. I have been trapped indoors all week.

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