The End of Summer is Near…..

Well, here it is the end of August already. Wow.  Hard to believe, huh?  The fine sultry days of summer have drifted past like the fluffy white clouds in the azure sky.  One lays there watching them, one after another, until the sun begins to fade and the night clears up in preparation for the coming night.

A LOT has happened to me this summer.  Besides learning that I am due for another meds change, I lost my oldest brother. *sigh*

There were good things; Days in the sun, nights under the stars, and so on.  Unfortunately they are relegated to the poor pages of a mind that is rather frayed around the edges…..

I plan on going camping again starting Monday.  I’ll be there for a week with one of my sons, with Shawna coming up with the others on Friday after work.  It looks like this will be the last chance for us to get out this year.  For some reason (As if anyone that knows me doesn’t know what it is) that makes me rather melancholy. The woods are where I truly come to life.  Where I live, if that makes any sense….

After this trip, we fall back into our winter routine; homeschooling, work, cleaning, doctors,….PAIN.

(Always in the background is the pain, but it seems worse at the end of the year…)

I hope that each of you uses the following brief stretch of time to its fullest.  After all, we don’t get to pass this way again.  We can get close, but never do we get to stand once more in the same spot.  Sorry. I told you it made me melancholy.

I’ll be back in a week or so and let you know how it goes/went.


~ by daveprime on August 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “The End of Summer is Near…..”

  1. Summer will be starting for me soon and although I don’t mind it, I kind of prefer winter. If I want to go camping (and by camping I mean in the middle of no where with nothing but a tent and a camp fire) I have to do it in winter as we have total fire bans all through summer.
    Besides, our summers kind of suck. Bloody hot, awfully humid, mozzies out to get you 24/7 and the smoke from a dozen bushfires lingers in the air.
    What can I say? I’m not a huge summer fan! lol

  2. Most years, the forests here in Montana would be in ‘Stage 3’ fire restrictions or ‘closed’ to all camping. Either way, there are no fires (In or out of a vehicle), No off road travel, and no smoking outside of a vehicle. After it reaches ‘closed’, no one is allowed access to Nat’l Forest Service Lands. Period.

    This year has been a wet year though. (So I am GOING CAMPING AGAIN!!!!) *YAY!*

  3. Don’t forget your binoculars. 😉

  4. I like the outdoors as well… but I haven’t been getting a lot of outdoor time lately. Yay for you.

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