Out of the Tunnel…a Bit Anyhow…

 Well. It has been an interesting few weeks.  Here it is early Friday morning, and for the first time in a long while I do not feel as if i am in a closet or darkened room.

That’s not to say all is fantastic.  Instead let us say it is better.  For no known reason, the swelling in my legs vanished overnight about two days ago.  Though they still hurt like hell, they aren’t ready to burst.  No reason for the change, just happened.

I guess I should be used to that, though. The same thing happened with my blood pressure.  One minute it was fine, and the next it was something like 185/125.  It stayed that way for four YEARS. then one day, poof!, all better!

Crazy.  My brother’s funeral came off without a hitch. I sent a card with a poem and they read it during the service.  It wasn’t much, but I’ll include it at the bottom.  It gives some insight into how I was raised, I think. 

Anyhow, I want to thank everyone for their support and for putting up with my whining over the past little while.  It meant a lot to have someone that seemed to care.  (Other than Shawna, who is always my number one fan…)

It means a lot to have folks on here that I can chat with.  I hope I can do as much for some of you if you ever need it.

Here’s the poem:



The Five Of Us…

We stood in the new born sun,

Five strong. Invincible. Untouched and untouchable.

Arrayed in armor of gold and silver with shields of crimson,

We raised our blades of adamant and saluted the world before us.


Laughing in our youth and strength,

We strode the fields and forests of our lives;

Unafraid of anything we might encounter,

Or that might Encounter US….


Over time we went our own ways;

One down this valley,

Another over this mountain, and so on.

Until we faced the world before us alone;

Yet still one of five.


All we fell upon became ours.

All we attempted we conquered.

Losing a bit of our life’s blood on every acre,

We fought our way across vast swaths of the unknown.

Yet still we were one of five.


And when, in the vagaries of time and space,

We chanced upon each other in our travels,

We would once again raise our blades in salute,

And laugh that it was so easy, so fast, so….ours.


Unbeknownst to us it began to happen,

A wound here, a scar there.

We began to lose our armor, Our auras,

Our protection from the viciousness around us.


Still, we fought on, daily triumphing over the miniscule,

Seeking in our own ways dominion of that wilderness surrounding our lives.

Seeking to bring our order to the world,

One stroke at a time.


Until one dark day in the sun it happened.

One of us fell to the earth with a resounding crash.

Shaking the hills, moving the valleys,

And echoing across the vast empty places.


A chance blow of the enemy.;

A swift dart unseen.

Unwanted and unlooked for,

It fell on us with a thunderclap and a flash of light.


One of US has fallen.

One of the five is no more.

Struck from the battle before it seems well begun.

Fallen among the normal and unsure.


And the world will never be the same……


~ by daveprime on August 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Out of the Tunnel…a Bit Anyhow…”

  1. *bighugs*
    I’m glad that you’re feeling better babe even if it is inexplicable.

    Once again your poetry is so deep and meaningful. It’s an amazing way to work through the pain you feel and I wanted to say thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  2. Im a whiner too… …
    Hope the days ahead are brighter than these past few have been for you

  3. There’s nothing wrong with whining….I do it all the time and look how great I have it….oh!, Wait…… 😦

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