My oldest brother passed away on Wednesday.  He had gone into the hospital for ‘routine’ surgery, but there were complications.  A blood clot went undetected into his lungs and gave him pneumonia.  After about 6 days, it looked like he would be out of ICU.  The night before he was transferred, he died.  Quickly. Quietly.  With  no fanfare.

As I sit here several days later, my other family members are beginning the long drive back to Pennsylvania to go to the funeral.  I was told to stay home. For medical reasons. So the same thing didn’t happen to me….

Tim was the oldest of us five. Probably the smartest.  Don’t get me wrong, the rest of us aren’t slouches, but he was truly gifted.  There was never anything he took on that he didn’t succeed at. *sigh*

I miss him. And somehow, all I can think is that he beat me through the gate…. *sigh*


~ by daveprime on August 2, 2008.

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  1. I’m so sorry, Dave.

  2. *bigbighugs*

    Not much anyone can say really but we’re here for you. Take comfort in the fact that you have friends all over the world who are thinking of you as we speak.


  3. *hugs*

    My condolences. I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

  4. That sucks. I’ve never lost a sibling, but lost both of my parents at a young age. I still long for my mother ofter.
    We are here for you man, I know you have a lot to live for, even if living isn’t all that fun.

  5. whoa

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