I Return….

I returned home from the mountains last evening.  Other than the general let down that the trip was over, I have no regrets.  We had a wonderful time!  I walked, fished, picked flowers, dug bait, carried water, cut firewood, etc.  Basically everything one must do in a primitive camp! (Except for the hiking part.  I left that for others to do in my stead.  I DID send along the camera though!)

I think Shawna and the kids had a great time.  She went wild with our new camera and took in excess of 1000 pics! Too funny.  She has pics of flowers, bugs, clouds, trees, everybody there and so on.  She seems to have had a good ten days up there.  I left her in camp and took on all of the driving chores.  Because the kids are, for the most part, in their late teens, they had work and other committments that they couldn’t change over, so I found myself coming into town every other day or so to pick up/ drop off one or more of them.

Other than that, my tripwas very good!  (Next year, I will arrange one or two days a week for pick up / drop off duty.  It just takes too long for me to recover from those 4 hour drives!)


I’m going to include a couple of my favorite pics from the trip in each of my next few posts.  For now, I will just attach a couple and call it a day.

See you next time….


~ by daveprime on July 28, 2008.

One Response to “I Return….”

  1. Oh wow! That is so pretty! I’m glad you guys had such a fantastic time! Can’t wait for more pics!

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